J.C. Hoffman BIO

J.C. Hoffman has been busy, to say the least! 

She’s a wife, mother, doctor, and actor—often working on multiple films and stage projects at the same time. One of her latest—“Violent True Believer”—fills her with enthusiasm when she thinks about the experience of shooting off and on for several months—piling up nearly 7 hours of raw footage for the short film, which in the end will be whittled down to about 20 minutes. 

Moving six times before her 18th birthday, J.C.’s early life as an Army brat required her to play many roles and adapt to ever-changing situations.  Good training for any actor. 

A star athlete in high school, J.C. played basketball on a national collegiate championship 2nd place team before injuries forced her to the sideline to focus on her doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis. 

Settling in the Washington,  D.C. area after graduate school, J.C. is a practicing certified clinical orthopedic physical therapist while at the same time actively honing her craft as an actor. 

She has trained at the Kimball studio in New York with Janine Ditullio and studied under the acclaimed Michael J. Baker, Jr.  J.C. recently wrapped a lead role in “Commissary,” an Atlanta-based network series pilot directed by Jibril Hayes for Origin Nile films. Other favorite credits include a leading role for a regional theatre, Maplewood Playhouse’s (Palm Springs, FL) production of “My First Time. J.C. also enjoyed her time creating her role in the new addition of the at home immersive mystery game for Hunt A Killer: Murder on Ice.  J.C. hopes she’s the killer!?  This multi-media experience is perfect for J.C. since one of her favorite past times is reading English murder mysteries and really what actor doesn’t like spending a day on-set killing people?  J.C. is also very excited to have recently wrapped production in “Breaking News” as a lead in an international web series that is now heading into post-production. Keep checking her website and Instagram for any other upcoming excitement!

When not tending to patients and rehearsing Dr. Hoffman enjoys spending time with her husband and 7-year-old son boating, fishing, and swimming in the Chesapeake Bay.